I have been meaning to get into blogging for a while now but have never really had the time and focus needed to sustain a successful blog. Due to recent lifestyle changes and a strong desire to put my energy into something fresh, I have decided that now is the time to build this blog as an outlet to my creative character.

This blog will be made up of four significant factors: Lifestyle, Thoughts, Style and Travel. It will focus around different elements of my life/personality whilst giving a public insight into my interests and opinions. Expect posts such as my preferred places to eat/drink, shop, travel as well as reviews of my favourite brands/products and pastimes. All of the content and opinions posted will be of my own and any images used that do not belong to me will be credited appropriately.

Overtime I hope for this blog to cultivate and expand attracting a variety of readers so if any of this sparks your interest/curiosity please do not hesitate to follow me.