Lux | Iphone Battery Case

I am the first to admit that I have always been a little addicted to my Iphone. That said, I have always been frustrated with the poor battery longevity. With a huge range of solutions on the market for this problem I have (over time) tried and tested a range of portable battery packs and battery cases. Ranging from as little as £15 to £100 I feel like I have never found exactly what I am looking for…until now.

So, I have recently purchased a battery case that I came across through marketing/advertisements on Instagram. The brand Lux promotes to have produced “the best battery case on the market” boasting to be the answer to all your battery problems. It claims to be protective and durable sporting a full 360-degree bumper protection against bumps and scrapes whilst not adding too much bulk. Additionally, it claims to have advanced battery technology via a lithium ion battery providing up to 157% of additional battery life. The cases are only available in black and white at the moment and have to be shipped from the US but the delivery time to the UK is well worth the wait/cost. For a more in depth look at Lux regarding pricing and specifications please follow this Lux Mobile.


So, I received the case on Tuesday (10/04/18) and have been using it on a daily basis for a few days. My first impressions of the case were that it seemed to be well made sporting a matt black aesthetic with a silicon exterior making it easy/comfortable to grip. My handset slotted into the case flawlessly and didn’t add too much bulk to my super trim Iphone X. However, it did add quite a significant amount of weight but not enough to worry about. Regarding the Lux cases performance I was exceptionally pleased with how efficiently it charged my phone as well as how much extra juice it actually provided. Charging my phone from 1% to 100% in a diminutive amount of time, the battery case gives me close to an extra full day of power. Additional to this, it is particularly practical that you do not have to charge the case separate from your handset. You can just plug the lighting cable directly into the case and it charges both the phone and case to 100% meaning when you pick up your phone to leave the house you have double the amount of power.

Personally, I like this product and as a heavy Iphone user this is just what I needed to make my phone last all day and night when out and about. It is aesthetically pleasing and practical as well as half the price of an official Apple battery case. I would recommend this product to anyone who gets frustrated with the poor battery performance of an Iphone as long as you don’t have an issue with the excess weight. The pros definitely overcome the cons and this is by far the best battery case I have come across to date in terms of performance and design.

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